Amex GBT outlines environmental strategy

As American Express Global Business Travel becomes a publicly traded company, it sets its focus and leadership on environmental, social and governance issues to assure investors that its business can deliver sustainable financial performance and social value.

In the business 2021 ESG ReportAmex GBT emphasizes its commitment to operating its business in “the most sustainable way possible with regard to the environment and our local and global communities”.

Its environmental strategy, in particular, involves reducing its carbon footprint as well as developing greener solutions that benefit Amex GBT customers and the industry in general.

Amex GBT’s three environmental sustainability goals are: to make Amex GBT the market for green business travel; deliver on its 2021 commitment to set science-based targets by the end of 2023; and drive aviation to net zero carbon by 2050.

To help achieve its science and net zero goals, Amex GBT says it will incorporate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to reduce its own business travel emissions and hopes to expand SAF across the entire value chain of the industry. aviation through its alliance with Shell Aviation.

Its business travel green marketplace strategy is to help customers measure and mitigate carbon emissions with carbon calculations and data analytics through Amex GBT’s products.

Its marketplace also enables customers to steer demand towards greener options and travelers to make greener choices at the point of sale, as well as preferences for sustainable travel providers.

Additionally, Amex GBT helps customers and suppliers achieve their carbon neutral goals by offering carbon credits from trusted carbon offset partners.

The 2021 ESG report follows similar climate action plans from travel brands, including Booking Holdings, which aims to achieve near-zero emissions from its operations by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040, as well Expedia Group, which hopes to provide “the best of tools and information to enable customers to make the most informed decisions for their trip.”