Top 5 Best Jewelry Case for Travel ( Useful & Unique)

Best Jewelry Case For Travel

People often bring jewelry while going on trips because they don’t want to lose their valuable pieces while away from home. Best Jewelry case for travel are specially designed to help keep your valuables safe.

Traveling with jewelry can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure where to store it. Many cases on the market are designed for travel and durable materials that won’t break or tear at the first sign of movement. Some cases are designed for specific needs like storing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! The best Earrings and Jewelry cases with great features are still accessible for traveling.

Jewelry cases are designed to have a lot of compartments in them so that you can separate jewelry into compartments based on different characteristics, such as each piece’s material or type. This helps you see all of your jewelry at once while still being able to take it out one by one without having to dig through everything else. It also ensures that pieces don’t get tangled up together due to not correctly separating them.

Jewelry is one of the most important things to take on a trip.  Many factors decide which jewelry case will be best for you and what your travel requirements are. Still, this article will offer some insight into what makes an excellent jewelry case for travelers.

Look for a case with cleanable padding and a flat bottom.

Top 5 Best Jewelry Cases for Travel:

best jewelry case for travel

You never know when you might be traveling to a new place. But even though you may be excited about the new place, you also need to remember that you will probably be going to an airport. And at the airport, you need to be able to quickly access your jewelry or checks without having to dig through it.

1) Rimowa Salsa Deluxe

This is a high-quality travel case made from aluminum and finished in an elegant rose gold color. It has a unique shape, making it easy to fit into any luggage or carry-on bag while going through airport security. It has four separate compartments that each have three sections inside, so a total of 12 individual pieces can be placed inside one section if needed. Each compartment also has excellent little locks to ensure no one tries opening up the box during transit (the locks are TSA compliant).

  • TSA compliant locks

  • Unique shape that fits easily into luggage

  • More expensive than desired

2)Tumi Voyageur Jewelry Case

Tumi Voyageur Jewelry Case

This is a large, high-quality case made from leather and an aluminum frame. It has four separate compartments with different-sized slots, so there’s plenty of room inside to store all jewelry types. 

It has a curved handle to carry around along with other luggage while going through airport security. There are also two locks on either side of the bag to ensure no one tries prying open the box without permission–plus, these locks are TSA compliant.

  • Curved handle

  • TSA compliant locks

  • Four separate compartments

  • A bit pricey for some budgets

3) Victorinox Swiss Army Harmony 2

Victorinox Swiss Army Harmony 2

The Victorinox Swiss Army Harmony 2 is another high-quality jewelry case made by one of the most reputable brands when traveling–the Swiss Army. It’s made from 100% nylon and comes in black, so it’s also an excellent option for those looking to buy a neutral-colored case. 

It has four separate compartments that come with its drawer (with three sections inside), making it easy to keep track of all your pieces while the case is open. Furthermore, it also comes with excellent locks on both sides of the bag for added security against theft.

  • TSA compliant locks

  • Three separate compartments

  • The silver color looks nice

  • Not as much style as desired

4) Samsonite In-Flight Jewelry Case

Samsonite In-Flight Jewelry Case

This travel jewelry box is flat-shaped and made from fabric material, making it suitable for travel but perhaps not the most high-quality option out there. There are four individual compartments inside each section, making it easy to place different earrings within the same section if needed. There are also two Velcro straps included with the case to help secure each drawer in place. Hence, no items accidentally fall out of the box during transit.

  • Inexpensive

  • Flat shape, easy to store in luggage/suitcase

  • The fabric material is not as high quality as others

5) Rimowa Antique Nylor Suitcase

Rimowa Antique Nylor Suitcase

The last travel jewelry case mentioned here is another good option for buying a high-quality piece. It is made from polycarbonate (a material used by NASA), making it one of the most durable options on this list! The Rimowa Antique Nylor Suitcase has four individual compartments (each with three sections inside). It includes a metal frame around each compartment door (which locks closed via TSA compliant locks). 

Each section also comes with a smaller lockable compartment inside to keep track of your most essential pieces. This travel case also comes with an expandable pocket within each area, so it can fit up to six individual items per compartment–perfect for those who have a lot of earrings!

  • Unique shape with a curved handle

  • The high-quality case made from polycarbonate

  • Four separate compartments with individual locks

  • Expanding pocket within each section to store up to six items

  •  One of the most expensive options listed here

Buying Guide for Best Travel Jewelry Cases

It’s important to note the qualities you desire in a case before making any purchases because there are many types of cases available. One factor that can make or break a good case is how durable it is.

So look for cases with extra protection from scratches, tears, and other wear-and-tear type damage.  Another aspect to look for is a case with a flat bottom to sit upright when placed on the floor. Finally, a good luggage set should have a wide enough opening for you to see and access your belongings inside easily.

The main factors that make an excellent jewelry case include:

  • Durability.
  • The ability to hold items in place while traveling.
  • Seeing what’s at the bottom of the case.

It also mentions other qualities that may be important depending on your preferences, such as the style or color of the case.

Another important factor about choosing a good jewelry case is whether it has cleanable padding inside the case itself (some do, and some don’t). If it does not, then make sure any items placed into that compartment fully fit inside.

Some important factors are given below:

Material quality: 

The most crucial factor to consider is the material that the bag is made out of. Some good choices are leather, a sturdy and luxurious feeling, or high-density plastic with metal clasps, which will last a long time without breaking. The  best leather Jewelry cases with great features are still accessible for traveling.

The shape of the case:

 A typical shape for jewelry cases is rectangular, but different shapes are also available, like cubes or towers. These shapes help provide more room inside the bag while still allowing you to see all of your pieces when opening them up quickly.

The number of compartments:

 A good number of compartments to look for is six or more. More than six ensures that you can separate your pieces by type, but if you have less than six, make sure each section has enough room to fit all the items inside (whether small like earrings or large like necklaces). 


 Price ranges differ depending on the quality, material, and brand of the case. You may be able to find a high-quality bag at an affordable price–or it could be the other way around (a cheaply made bag might cost more than desired). It’s essential to consider this factor when shopping around because many cases are available at various prices depending on what qualities you’re looking for.


 The case’s design will ultimately depend on personal preference (i.e., color, how many compartments, etc.). You may prefer a colorful and slim jewelry case with only three sections, or perhaps a tower-shaped bag made of leather is what you need. Either way, it comes down to your style–make sure whatever design you get has all factors mentioned above so that the bag is functional when traveling.

Travel-friendly features: 

Some travel-friendly features could be having a lockable clasp on each side of the bag to ensure no one opens up your case while going through security screenings at the airport. A curved handle might also help if users want to place their hand through it and grab the case from the top (rather than holding onto a grip with their fingers). 

Ease of use: 

Having an easy to open and close clasp is essential to make sure all pockets have good zippers. Hence, nothing falls out while going through airport security. It’s also helpful if there are locks on both sides of the bag, so users don’t have to worry about anyone opening up the bag when they’re not looking. Travel jewelry cases can be purchased online or at different luggage stores around the world.


There are many styles of best travel jewelry cases available for purchase on the market today. Some look more like make-up cases, while others look like traditional jewelry boxes. Some come with locks to ensure your items remain secure. In contrast, others keep everything in place through fabric material and Velcro straps.

Many of these cases even offer TSA-approved locks (so you don’t need to worry about taking off your locks during transit), which is a nice bonus when traveling–be sure to check what kind of lock is included before buying one! No matter which case you end up purchasing, remember that choosing a high-quality piece makes all the difference in durability and style.

I like the Victorinox Swiss Army Harmony 2 because it is TSA compliant and has three separate compartments. I also really like its silver color; hard-shell cases look pleasant too, but they are typically more expensive. 

The Rimowa Antique Nylor Suitcase has a unique shape with a curved handle and metal accents around every compartment door (which locks closed) for a style statement. It even comes in two different colors: red and pink! The only downside to this travel jewelry box is that it’s one of the most expensive options listed here–but if you’re willing to pay for quality, then this could be the ideal option for you.