Emirates Airlines Review 2022

Emirates Airlines Review

Emirates is a huge international aircraft carrier that has been around since 1985 and operates the world’s biggest fleet of A380s. Let’s dive into a detailed review of Emirates Airlines.

Emirates Airlines Review

Emirates was the first choice of passengers for a long time because they had vast, quick connections and emphasized quality.

Emirates is making changes to keep up with the competition. They’ve always been known for their first-class amenities. Still, now they’re taking it a step further by launching their Business Class Flex fare, which offers business class without any pre-flight perks.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Skywards is a loyalty program where Emirates customers can earn Tier Miles and Skyward points redeemable for award flights. The more you fly, the higher your status in their ladder-based system becomes!

As a Jet Privilege member, you have the opportunity to ascend through four tiers of benefits and privileges. Collecting Tier Miles allows members to get more from their membership with new opportunities at each level: Blue Level – Excess baggage allowances- Silver Level – Priority check-in- Gold Level – Exclusive priority boarding – Platinum

Types of Tickets

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, offers four different fare types for its economy and business class tickets. Two fares are available for passengers who need more space to pack their bags when they fly with Emirates in first or business class.


Emirates flights offer some of the most affordable tickets to destinations around the world. There are restrictions on low-cost fares, but they may be worth it if you’re looking for a quick and simple trip with no frills. There’s an added benefit for business class travelers: access to lounges while still in the economy!

The checked luggage allowance is likewise limited to 33 pounds on special economy tickets (15 kg).

Specials airfare from airline companies cannot be purchased using frequent flyer miles. And it’s impossible to make cash or mileage upgrades when traveling on this plan type as a Skyways member. Travelers who purchase special fare will still receive rewards at a much lower rate than other types of ticketing plans – around 20%.


A traveler can purchase a saver fare for next-to-nothing and still enjoy some flexibility with flight times. If the person is an economy class passenger, they will choose their seat at no charge and carry up to 55 pounds of luggage (25 kg).

You can use miles to upgrade your cabin on both of these flights and earn Skyward Miles. The earning potential in the economy is approximately 30% of the miles traveled, whereas, in business class, it is 100-125 percent.

Saver fares are the perfect option for frequent flyers who want to save money on their ticket. The Saver class of tickets allows passengers an upgrade with miles, is non-refundable, and can be changed at a lower fee than Special fares. Business Class Savers also permit the usage of airport lounges (where available).


You can get flex flares for first-class, business, or economy class. As you know, Etihad and Qatar Airlines providing dine-on-demand services, emirates doesn’t provide them. These premium rates offer greater flexibility across all cabins with the ability to change flights or cancel chargeable cancellations in some instances (economy and first).

There are limited options for spending Skywards Miles, and it’s essential to consider Flex fares’ different benefits and prices. Economic travelers will spend miles at a 65% rate while business class will earn 150%. However, first-class passengers can get as much as 200%, so if they’re looking for significant savings, definitely check out that option!

Passengers in Economy Flex are allowed 66 pounds (30 kg) of baggage. All cabins have free seat selection, and Business Class Flex prices do not qualify for the lounge or chauffeur services.

Flex Plus

Flex Plus is the most flexible fare available, with free changes and cancellations across all cabins. This means that if you want to fly one day, but not another, without having any penalty fees or consequences for your flight, then Flex plus has what you need! If flying economy class, 80-95% of Skywards Miles will be earned based on how far traveled; 165-175% in business class and up 220% at first class for making miles quickly. Each seat type offers a different amount of mileage as well, so choose wisely when booking seats.

Economy travelers may check up to 77 pounds (35 kg) of baggage with Flex Plus. All seat selection is accessible in all cabins. Upgrades from economy and business class are possible with miles, and business and first-class passengers have access to all lounges and chauffeur services (where available).


Emirates is known for its luxurious services, even before the flight begins. The Emirates Chauffeur-drive service picks up passengers and takes them to their destination in Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles only previously accessible by Business Class travelers. There are still perks in certain cities where this chauffeur service exists, such as priority check-in desks at airports with a higher class of transportation waiting on arrival.

Emirates Airline provides customers with the option of receiving a positive priority check-in experience in their Dubai hub, as well as premium services at all other destinations. It’s easy to collect your boarding pass and luggage without waiting in lines because you have access to one of the Emirates airport lounges.

Emirates has developed a reputation for luxurious airport lounges. Emirates’ Dubai mega-hub features an eclectic buffet that includes dishes from all over the world and drinks, including fine wines & spirits (and coffee). Most Emirates airports have prayer rooms available to travelers on religious pilgrimages or just looking for peace during their busy traveling days. There are also showers in many of these terminals if you need one before heading home.

Seating and Cabin

Emirates is a standout airline that never disappoints with cabin design. They’re known for bold colors and rich wood paneling, which sets them apart from other airlines! Emirates only flies on two types of aircraft: the Airbus A380 or Boeing B777.

At Emirates, the seats come in a variety of styles and configurations. The airline offers complimentary seat selection on all Business Class tickets except for those with the “Business Special” service perk that allows you to choose your chair within 48 hours before the departure date.

Solo travelers will prefer the single seats, while those traveling together may opt for either one of the pairs. The staggered, forward-facing 1-2-1 seating is a plus if you want to sit alone! Seats alternate between being closer to an aisle table that’s nearer your window or closer to your window with an aisle table near it – so take advantage. And make sure what works best for you before making any decisions on which seat suits you most.

Your privacy preference is met with our seat selection. Not only are there a variety of options in the front and back rows, but many seats have small tables to rest your laptop or book on while you’re enjoying the scenery from inside. The Business Class seats on the upper deck of the A380 have direct-aisle access and are spacious enough to make you feel like a king.

When the airline Emirates released their new, improved A380 design in late 2020, it was a huge success. The sleek champagne-colored leather and wood finish on seats for business class made passengers feel like they were flying an executive jet.

B777 has many different seat configurations depending on the retrofit. The newest B777-300ER aircraft have a 2-3-2 design, where all seats are completely flat and recline 180 degrees. Older versions of this same plane offer more angled lie flats than fully flat ones like those found in newer planes or after cabin upgrades to accommodate new products. It requires larger overhead compartments for passengers with luxury hand luggage meant for long flights overseas.

The Emirates B777-300ER has a dense configuration, which means there are middle seats worth avoiding in Business Class. Those with a center seat or window seat will have to climb over their fellow passengers. Some may find this uncomfortable; however, these are usually filled last so that solo travelers can choose any of the aisle seats on this plane. At the same time, couples should opt for one of the two pairs near each other by windows. Families might like choosing three together at the center section since they won’t need to worry about climbing over someone else when accessing an aisle seat.

The seats are equipped with dividers that fold out to provide more privacy for those who travel solo, which is perfect because everyone deserves a little peace. Power ports can be found easily on the armrest or under your seat, while USB charging points line each row of seating.

The new seating product on the B777-300ER offers a more comfortable and spacious 2-2 seat arrangement with a 180-degree recline. But if you’re flying to Thailand or other parts of Asia, your best bet is an older plane that still has that dreaded center seat!

Emirates Business Class seats are the best way to fly. They recline into a fully flat bed that is as long as you want it! Depending on where your seat is, they can range in length from 1.78 meters (5.8 feet) up to 2 meters (~6′ 5″). There are also various positions for relaxing or lounging. So no matter what mood strikes, there’ll be just the right spot waiting for you when landing time comes around again.

When boarding an Emirates flight, you will be greeted with a pillow and blanket waiting for your comfort. It’s not hard to understand why they have these luxuries on hand! Most flights are long-haul, which is always better when wrapped up in fluffy blankets or pillows.


On Emirates, you can enjoy a multi-course meal in the comfort of your seat. You’ll be served on linen tablecloths, and you won’t have to worry about crumbs with these babies.

To fit as many palates and tastes, Middle Eastern cuisine is standard in all flights. However, local options from the country of destination on most international destinations will suit your taste buds much better than a generic dish like spaghetti or chicken alfredo would.

Emirates Business Class is not your average airline experience. Fine bone china and bespoke Robert Welch cutlery elevate the dining experience, with aperitifs from their cocktail menu to start meal service followed by an appetizer before moving onto a salad for starters. Warm bread rolls are almost always accompanied at Emirates’ business class seats, including Arabic pita, which has its cult following among frequent flyers.

The main course dishes come from a printed menu of beef, poultry, seafood, or pasta. The food is pre-plated and served at each seat. The dessert is composed of sweet and savory items like decadent pastries and cakes or fruit such as strawberries paired with cheese for an ultimate taste sensation.

Emirates offers various pre-ordered meals, including vegetarian, Halal, and children’s meals, among others. Unlike Etihad or Qatar (two primary competitors in the region), Emirates does not offer dine-on-demand services. However, their flight attendants are happy to serve special requests as long as you order before take-off. It is within the time frame that would permit them to get your meal ready at all hours.

Long flights can be tiring, which is why there’s a light bites menu in between the main meals for those who get hungry. Options like sandwiches and salads are available, as well as hot dishes, so you’re never without sustenance on your flight.

Crew Members of Emirate

Emirates Airlines demands the very best of its cabin crew. To find those who meet these high standards, Emirates has a special training center in Dubai. They train new hires for three months before sending them back out into international airports and airplanes across six continents.

The airline now employs cabin staff from over 130 nations who speak over 60 languages. The purser announces all of the countries and languages the flight crew speaks at the start of each flight. The list is usually very varied.

Although the cabin staff is usually pleasant and professional, Emirates Business Class service is not as personalized as other Middle Eastern airlines. Because Emirates’ planes are large and have many Business Class seats, service can feel a little like an assembly line at times. Unlike other Middle Eastern carriers, which serve meals directly from the galley, meals are served from service carts. On the other hand, Cart service provides access to what flight attendants need to serve drinks and meals more quickly, allowing for more rest time.

Facilities & Amenities

Bulgari and Emirates have a long-standing partnership. Bulgari products are included in well-stocked amenity kits for medium and long-haul flights. Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert, hand lotion, lip balm, earplugs, and dental kits are included. The amenity kits are available in eight different designs, four for women and four for men, changing every year.

Before any meal service, hot towels are provided as welcome refreshments.

On Emirates flights, babies are well-cared for, with a bassinet available on every plane. It’s best to make a reservation ahead of time to ensure availability.

The onboard bar and lounge on Emirates A380 flights is a signature feature, allowing passengers to stretch their legs and mingle with fellow passengers if they so desire. This stand-up area offers the full bar menu, which you won’t find on most other airlines. This signature amenity earns Emirates a lot of praise from its passengers.

A walk-up bar for snacks is one of the features of the refurbished B777-200LR planes. However, this is not the same full-service bar seen on the considerably bigger A380 aircraft.

If you want to get the most rest, avoid sitting near the bar area because other passengers may be talking loudly.


Emirates is conscious of its environmental responsibilities. For example, on long-haul flights, economy class blankets are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, and pilots concentrate on the most efficient operations both in the air and on the ground to minimize the environmental effect.

The airline delivers more than 110 million meals every year, using local foods sourced wherever feasible at each location. Emirates Flight Catering is constructing a 130,000 square foot sustainable vertical farm in Dubai to support its operations. The farm will use 99 percent less water than open fields and produce 2.7 tons of leafy greens daily.

Aircraft are cleaned using a “dry wash” procedure, which saves thousands of liters of water by using a small number of cleaning products applied with cloths. Engine-washing procedures are performed regularly to ensure that Emirates aircraft operate at peak efficiency, further reducing waste.

Emirates has installed a one-megawatt array of solar photovoltaic panels at the Engine Maintenance Centre. The 2,990 panels, which form a roof over the parking lot, are expected to generate over 1,800 megawatt-hours of electricity and save around 800 tonnes of CO2.

For prospective pilot cadets, the Emirates Flight Instruction Academy offers aviation training. The academy, located in Dubai World Central, has a one-of-a-kind stand-alone facility with its own fully operational private airport. The Flight Training Academy hopes to attract more female Emirati pilots to a traditionally male-dominated profession.

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, a massive 225 square kilometer area, dedicated to protecting critical desert habitats and various endangered species, is supported by Emirates. Emirates also supports a conservation team comprised of ecologists and wildlife experts.

The airline has made a significant investment in the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, a 1,600-hectare luxury conservation resort in Australia. The resort, about a three-hour drive from Sydney, is the world’s first carboNZeroTM certified hotel. Emirates has planted approximately 175,000 native trees and shrubs throughout the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Region due to its commitment to the area.


Emirates’ Business Class experience is one of the most abundant of any airline, with in-flight bars, glitzy décor, and Bulgari amenity packages. An international staff provides Middle Eastern hospitality befitting the airline’s extensive network of destinations from start to end. With only wide-body aircraft in its fleet, even the shortest trips are assured to be pleasant and include flat-bed seats.