Eva Air Review 2022

Eva Air Review

EVA Air presently offers three daily flights between Los Angeles and Taipei. The morning flight, BR5, is the Sanrio Hello Kitty “Hand in Hand” Boeing 777-300ER trip on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This Hello Kitty-themed aircraft will be a wonderful surprise for Hello Kitty fans. Don’t worry if you aren’t. This flight will still provide a fantastic economy class experience, complete with a large seat, delicious food, and excellent facilities.

Eva Air Review

EVA Air is based at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal. Three hours before the planned departure time, the check-in counters open. You’ll be given an adorable boarding pass printed on Hello Kitty card paper when you check in.

The Star Alliance Lounge will be available for pre-departure lounge services for business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members. One of my favorite business class lounges in the Star Alliance network is the Star Alliance Lounge.

EVA Air operates these Boeing 777-300ERs in four distinct configurations. This particular aircraft, designated as version 1 on Seat Guru, is divided into three service classes: business, premium economy, and economy.

EVA Air’s excellent business class product, dubbed “Royal Laurel” Business Class, is located at the very front of the aircraft. The seat, service, and facilities offered are excellent, and I would argue that they outperform certain other airlines’ first-class offerings.

There is a tiny premium economy class section behind business class with just 64 seats. With improved seats and facilities, this is a genuine premium economy offering. In a 2-4-2 configuration, there are eight rows of chairs.

Two economy class cabins with 211 seats in a roomy 3-3-3 configuration are located aft of the premium economy class cabin. Each seat has a width of 18.3 inches, a pitch of 33 inches, and a recline of about 6 inches. Another economy class product with this much room would be difficult to locate.

Seats 57A, 57C, 57H, and 57K, in my view, are the finest economy class seats. These seats are unique in that they are one of the few “two-seaters” in economy class. It’s ideal for couples flying together since there’s lots of room behind the seats and along with the aisle seat. There’s also additional storage beneath the seats, as well as two sets of windows.

The most outstanding aspect is that a wall separates your seat from the rest of the room. You may keep your belongings here while still being able to completely recline your seat without being bothered by another passenger tugging on the back of your seat. However, one disadvantage of these seats is that they are just across from the restroom, where people gather to stretch their legs and chat.

A personal entertainment monitor, USB port, coat hook, reading light, and an adjustable headrest are included in each seat. Footrests and universal electrical plugs, on the other hand, are not supplied at every seat, which I believe is a mistake.

After reaching our cruising altitude, the flight attendants arrived with two rounds of beverages and a packed Hello Kitty snack packet.

After that, approximately two hours after leaving, lunch was provided. I ordered the beef stew, which came with potatoes on the side and a fruit cup, macaroni salad, bread roll, and dessert. The beef stew didn’t seem very tasty, but it was rather delicious. The meat was tender, and the sauce had a lot of flavors. Furthermore, flight attendants came by many times throughout the dinner to replenish beverages and check on customers.

After reaching our cruising altitude, the flight attendants arrived with two rounds of beverages and a packed Hello Kitty snack packet.

Water, juice, and various packaged snacks were provided in the back galley between meals. The flight attendants offered excellent service. They were pleasant and went around the cabin with drinks, trays, and other goodies regularly throughout the trip.

A substantial lunch was provided around two hours before we arrived in Taipei. I went with the Chinese choice of congee. It was served with fruit and tofu on the side. You will like this if you enjoy congee.

5-Star Status

The Taiwanese airline was elevated from a 4 to a 5-Star Airliner in June 2016, making it a member of a very exclusive club. This incredible alliance includes world-class airlines such as Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Hainan Airlines.

To achieve the status of a 5-Star carrier, the airline must provide a world-class product to its customers that go above and beyond the standard flying experience. All of the eight 5-Star airlines in 2016 are Asian.


So far, EVA Air has not had any aircraft losses. It has never had a passenger fatality in its history, making it the third safest airline on the planet.

Due to its extended operating periods, only the Australian airline Qantas and the Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific have a better track record. While Asian airlines top this ranking again, KLM, headquartered in Amsterdam, is the safest European airline.


Following the award of the 5-Star rating, EVA Air was named the world’s third most popular airline, behind only Indonesian carrier Garuda and South Korean carrier Asiana.

SKYTRAX asked travelers from all around the globe to evaluate their overall flight experiences with more than 420 different airlines. The Taiwanese airline received an 81 percent approval rating, adding another title to its resume.


Overall, EVA Air Economy Class provided another pleasant flying experience. EVA Air isn’t flawless, but I believe they offer a fantastic budget class product. The chairs are comfy and roomy. The cuisine is excellent, and the service is kind and attentive. I like the onboard facilities, and the Hello Kitty service is fun for both fans and non-fans.