Expedia Group on “deconstructing” the building blocks of online travel

As part of its efforts to unify disparate brands and technology under the Expedia Group umbrella, the online travel giant has introduced a new technology platform called Open World.

Announced last week at Expedia Group’s Explore partner event, the platform is designed for partners to operate and configure products and services and contains a full e-commerce suite, with components such as payments, fraud, conversations and service.

Expedia Group CTO Rathi Murthy calls Open World “a big breakthrough for us” as the platform brings together data and capabilities that have until now been fragmented across different brands.

Murthy views the suite of solutions – which includes search, sort, content and service – like the traditional “Lego blocks” of an online travel agency. While Expedia Group has historically only been able to deploy these solutions for its partners on a larger scale due to the complexity involved, with Open World the platform can “serve any size partner and be simple to use. “.

“After watching this [Expedia Group was doing with] great partners, we have found a revolutionary new way to leverage our technology,” she says. “We are now ‘deconstructing’ the building blocks of online travel.”

Unlock Opportunities

With Open World, says Murthy, partners can unlock new revenue opportunities to meet their specific needs. “It’s unlike anything else in the industry,” she says.

“If you’re an airline and want to offer cars to travellers, we’ll have the basics for you. If you’re a hotel and want payments and service, here are those basics. »

“It democratizes the travel industry,” continues Murthy, adding that the platform allows anyone from TikTok influencers to destination marketing organizations to developers to access Expedia Group’s technology.

“We want to have a comprehensive set of tools to serve the entire industry,” says Karen Bolda, senior vice president, product and technology, demand partner solutions at Expedia Group. “At Expedia, we focus on the traveler, and the only way to achieve that is for the entire ecosystem to benefit.”

Ariane Gorin, president of Expedia for Business added, “We’ve all spent too much time and energy figuring out who owns the customer.

“The truth is, traveler needs are all about use cases. We are revamping the technology platform to make it accessible to all partners so that the entire market and [each business] can use abilities.

As the platform matures, it will become a place where developers, data scientists, marketers, and entrepreneurs can create new ways to encourage and enable people to travel.

“As Open World evolves, the benefits accumulate and the world of travel expands,” says Murthy.

* The journalist’s presence at the event was supported by Expedia Group.