Garmin Zumo 395LM GPS Review

Garmin Zumo 395LM review

The Garmin Zumo 395LM is a new gadget in the Garmin line of GPS for motorcycles that offers a unique experience to thrill-seeking motorcyclists. It guarantees that riders have a safe yet exciting ride. With this gadget, you’ll be able to embark on the most twisty and windy passages you’ve ever experienced. After all, it’s designed to excite! The gadget includes mounting hardware, motorcycle, and car power cords, and USB cables.

Garmin Zumo 395LM Review


The Garmin Zumo 395lm is waterproof and fits nicely on the handlebars of most bikes. This facility can endure a thirty-minute exposure to liquids such as water at a depth of up to one meter.

The facility is appropriate for all cyclists, especially those who ride in wet weather. A Garmin tire pressure monitor sensor is installed at the site. This is an extra element that distinguishes the facility. This implies that you may use this function to check your tire’s pressure before starting a trip.

Designed for Adventure

The adventurous routing choices on the Garmin Zumo 395lm are ideal for steep, twisting, terrain-hugging rides. It also comes with a brilliant 4.3-inch touchscreen that is simple to use and read.

Hands-Free Calling’s Importance

You will be able to accept wireless calls without having to remove your helmet or gloves if you pair your Zumo 395lm with a Smartphone and a Bluetooth-enabled compatible helmet or headset.

You’ll just need to keep your phone in a saddlebag or a pocket, and you’ll be able to make calls without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Featured Music

Do you prefer to listen to some good music while riding? If so, the Garmin Zumo 395lm is the way to go. You may use the ability to control video and music from a smartphone or an MP3 player directly on the touchscreen display.

Sharper Lookout Rider Alerts

This feature offers valuable warnings for sudden speed changes, steep bends ahead, school zones, animal and train crossings, and many other things to promote a safer ride and improve road awareness.

When you attempt to bike in the wrong direction, you will be informed instantly. You will also be reminded of the necessity of verifying state helmet regulations if applicable.

You’ll also get notified if there are any speed cameras or red lights nearby. Fatigue warnings will let you know when it’s time to stop and where to search for possible rest stops based on your route.

Better Fueling with a Digital Gauge

The Zumo 395LM features a trip computer with a digital gauge built-in. This means you can predict the number of miles you can drive before refueling with ease and accuracy.

Dynamic fuel notifications will assist you in determining the best time to refill. Most significantly, it will assist you in determining the most suitable and nearby gas station choices.

It also includes a speed limit indicator to let you know when it’s time to slow down.

This facility also includes a digital compass display and a database of POIs (points of interest related to motorcycles) to assist riders in finding dealers, cycle repair services, and more.

The service history record may assist you in keeping track of your bike’s maintenance, mileage, and service dates.

Road Directions Using Recognizable Landmarks

Zumo 395Lm gives directions utilizing recognized buildings, landmarks, and traffic lights in addition to pronouncing street names. It comes with a variety of popular and new places to explore. The Direct Access function will make it simple to navigate while on the road.

If you give it the proper instructions, it will notify you once you arrive at the appropriate entry.

Monitoring of Pressure

Zumo is TPMS-compatible (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor). A TPMS is required for each tire.

The Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor uses wireless technology to communicate tire pressure information. On the LCD, any variations in tire pressure are clearly shown.

Mounts It’s worth noting that this facility offers both automobile and motorbike mounting options. If you’re on a limited budget, the Garmin Zumo 359lm is an excellent option.

This is because if you purchase one facility for your motorbike, you won’t need the second for your vehicle. Said, this kind of service will assist you in saving a significant amount of money.

Camera Compatibility with VIRB

Zumo 395lm is a fantastic choice if you like capturing the highlights of your travels. It works with VIRB cameras and can be used to stop and start recording remotely.

These may be completed directly from the Zumo interface. It’s enjoyable and straightforward to capture and remember every experience with these features.


You may now sync the phone to the device as well as the headset, thanks to Bluetooth calling. Slip your phone into your pockets, and you’ll be able to enjoy the trip while making hands-free calls. This will not need you to take your eyes from the road.

The gadget warns you of any impending incorrect turns, which may be very helpful while crossing schools or hospitals or driving on a one-way street.
The gadget is brilliantly designed to provide tiredness warning instructions, allowing you to take breaks from longer rides. When motorcyclists go on a two-day trip, this function comes in handy.

The fuel stop notifications tell you when it’s the best time to fill up your tank, as well as nearby fuel station choices.
The Zumo 395 comes with a free lifetime map update feature that allows your device to read the most up-to-date instructions and landmarks while you’re out on the road.


It’s not cheap.


The gadget will undoubtedly provide you with excellent GPS services and all of the adventures that you want. Not to mention, the price is high, but the device is well worth the money.