Hopper launches online travel agent training course

Hopper offers an online program to train people to work as travel agents.

Dubbed “Bunny Bootcamp”, the self-guided course includes 160 hours of material primarily created by Hopper and features simulation activities using a Saber global delivery system emulator.

Hopper’s director of learning and quality, Jacob Morris, said the company began developing the program in mid-2021 because it was going through a period of rapid growth and also because it was attracting interest from people wishing to work as travel agents who did not have one. prior experience.

“This is a great opportunity for us to engage in the travel agent market, with people looking to enter this space and to be able to give them a path to get into it,” Morris said.

“And then being able to go through a program like this and as we assess our own recruitment and hiring needs over the years, that can also serve as a pipeline for our organization but also for others as well .

“For us, it’s really about extending what we know is good learning and a modern approach to learning and really making it easier for people to access that space and allowing us to attract the best talent. .”

Hopper currently has about 1,300 agents providing customer support to people who have booked travel through its app, and it says it is looking to hire hundreds more.

For now, the training content is focused on leisure travel and is only offered in English, but Morris says the program could be expanded on both in the future.

The program’s learning modules cover topics such as creating PNRs, fares and ticketing, hotels, and an overview of GDS. Participants have access to a private Slack community where Hopper learning specialists are available to offer assistance. The program costs $299.

Hopper ran a pilot of the training program in Q4 2021 and made it public in mid-February.