How Do You Carry A GoPro While Hiking?

One of the most common problems that hikers face is how to hold their cameras or phones when they need to take pictures. Photographers know that the best shot is usually taken just before or after a difficult climb, but it takes both hands to do so.

If you’re using trekking poles, you can attach your camera to them for stability and convenience, but what if you don’t use poles? You could buy a chest strap, but they break easily and are not always comfortable.You can also learn more about How do you carry a GoPro while hiking on google and in our website.  

A better solution would be a high-quality harness. For hikers, these allow them to carry their cameras low and tight to the body for safety and stability when shooting pictures or videos. 

How Do You Carry A GoPro While Hiking

  1. First things first: there are many types of GoPros; be sure you have one that’s fit for the environment you’re in. For example, if you are going to be climbing steep rocks, your camera will need to be waterproof and able to handle a bit of impact. On the other hand, if you’re just going for a walk through mostly flat terrain without much risk of damage, then a regular GoPro should work fine.
  2. Carrying your GoPro on a hike is an excellent idea. It allows for capturing photographic evidence of the dangers you overcame (or the ones that overcame you). They’re also fun to playback later, and they make great additions to photo albums or slideshows.
  3. Your GoPro will need a mount or attachment of some sort; the most versatile option is probably the chest strap. If you’re going on a more dangerous hike, such as rock climbing (see above), then you may want to use the head strap instead. The trick is to find an attachment that fits your needs, and one which can hold your camera securely and comfortably.
  4. The last tip we have for you is to pack light. Unless you’re going for a very long hike, there’s no need to take more than one Go-Pro with you. You probably won’t use half of the stuff you carry, so it makes sense not to carry extra weight. Just remember that you can share your GoPro with friends, too.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore!

GoPro Mounts And Accessories

The best GoPro for hiking will depend on several factors, such as how comfortable it is to wear, its weight, and your budget…

1) GoPro Chest Mount Harness

The GoPro Chest Mount is great for capturing immersive footage of your surroundings as you hike. The harness distributes the weight evenly across your body so that it feels comfortable when worn for extended periods. You can also wear it over a jacket which makes it great for winter sports…

2) GoPro Head Strap Mount

The GoPro Head Strap is compatible with all other GoPro mounts and accessories so you can attach the strap to your head, helmet, or backpack as required. The quick-release buckle allows you to easily remove the strap as needed…

3) GoPro Helmet Front Mount

The GoPro Helmet Front Mount is great for attaching your camera to your bike, helmet, or anything else with a flat surface. The adjustable head strap allows everything to fit snugly and securely…

4) GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

The GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole mount can be attached to just about anything thanks to the adjustable straps, making it great for attaching your camera on the go. The mount is compatible with all GoPro models and can be used on handlebars, seat posts, or even ski poles. If you trek, you should be aware the best way to protect camera in bagspack when hiking.

GoPros are great for capturing epic footage while you hike but they aren’t cheap. Luckily there are loads of different budget-friendly alternatives available. Follow the link below for more details…

5) GoPro suction cup mount 

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount is great for attaching your camera to cars, boats, or any other smooth surface without worrying about it falling off. It also features a quick-release buckle…

6) GoPro tripod mount

If you want to capture stable footage of yourself while hiking then consider using the GoPro Tripod Mount. The tripod can be adjusted to almost any angle so you can get stable footage while hiking…


GoPro cameras are great for capturing high-quality video footage during hikes. The camera offers many different mounts and accessories so you can attach it to nearly anything.

The biggest downside is that the camera body alone costs hundreds of dollars, which can get very expensive if you decide to buy multiple accessories. Luckily there are many budget-friendly alternatives out there so take your time researching before making a purchase…

The best GoPro for hiking will depend on several factors, such as how comfortable it is to wear, its weight, and your budget. If you want to capture high-quality video footage then the HERO4 Black or Silver offers 4K video recording at 30fps while the Session model offers simplified one-button control for an easy operation even when wearing gloves in cold weather.

The older models are also great options but they don’t record in 4K so be sure to check compatibility with your computer’s hardware before buying anything. If you need to save money then there are also many different budget-friendly GoPro alternatives available that cost much less than the actual camera models, but be sure to read reviews online before making a final decision.