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How do You Make a Travel Jewelry Organizer?

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you like to take jewelry with you when you travel? If so, this article is for you. I will provide you with instructions on how do you make a travel jewelry organizer. It’s easy and inexpensive, and it will keep your necklaces untangled and your earrings from getting lost.

A travel jewelry organizer is a more compact way of packing for your trip. It can make it easier to find items and keep them organized in your suitcase. Every traveler knows the pain of digging through their suitcase for something they need or are looking for. A best travel jewelry organizer set will help turn this headache into a pleasurable experience.

How do you make a travel jewelry organizer? Here are three ways

The first step to creating your travel jewelry organizer is to consider the space you have. It needs to be small but functional enough to handle whatever amount of jewelry you need it for. There are several ways to find or create a travel jewelry organizer that will meet your specific needs.

One way to make a travel jewelry organizer is by converting an old suitcase into one. This gives you two separate compartments in which you can store different types of items. The more ragged and worn out the suitcase looks on the outside, the better it will blend in with other luggage when traveling, so it won’t get stolen while still performing its function perfectly.

Another way to make a travel jewelry organizer is by using old plastic soda bottles. This option is great because it’s inexpensive to make but takes up more room in your suitcase than other travel jewelry organizers do.

To make this type of travel jewelry organizer, you need to wash out the bottle and remove the labels. Then, drill several holes into the sides of the bottle so that air can flow through it when traveling with it to ensure that your items don’t get wet or damaged by any liquid that leaks into the bottle while you’re packing or unpacking it. You can use this type of travel jewelry organizer for things like small earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Another way to make your travel jewelry organizer is easier than you might think. You can create one out of felt, but it will be too heavy to carry around in your suitcase. Instead, try using a lightweight fabric like tulle or lace for this project. Follow these steps to create the perfect jewelry storage container that fits into any size bag.

  • Purchase an acrylic storage container 

  • Get some wood boards and cut them to size for the bottom of the container.

  • The top of these two pieces should be flush with each other to be easier to assemble later on.

  • It is best if they are 4 inches tall because there will be no gaps between any individual compartments inside the box where all your jewelry goes.

You can also use this type of travel jewelry organizer for things like small earrings, rings, and bracelets. Once you’ve created your travel jewelry organizer, you can pack it into your bag and GO! Now that you know the basics to make your own customized travel jewelry organizer, you can begin enjoying all that having one will give to your next vacation: organization and convenience.

3 DIY Travel Jewelry Organizer Ideas That Will Keep Your Chain From Tangling

1- DIY Travel Jewelry Organizer

This is very easy. Just separate the chain into two parts, but each part in a plastic bag or wrap it up in cloth/old socks/etc. Then put both of them together to join them again at the end. This way, you will be able to differentiate which one is which and avoid tangled chains.

2- Use a Shoe organizer to keep travel jewelry organized

If you don’t want to use your clothes to separate your jewels, use a shoe organizer that can hold everything perfectly well if small enough. You can also buy online organizers that look like drawers.

3- DIY Travel Jewelry Organizers from a Nail polish remover box

Suppose you have nail polish remover boxes lying around. In that case, it will also serve as a perfect travel jewelry organizer for you because of its square shape and the fact that the lid closes perfectly well, keeping everything inside. Just make sure to clean off any scratches or dirt from it before using it.

These are just three tricks to keep your travel jewelry organized that don’t take much time at all and are very simple. What do you think about these ideas?


It’s easy and inexpensive, and it will keep your necklaces untangled and your earrings from getting lost. So what are you waiting for? Get started on this project today! And if you find that the travel jewelry organizer is too small or not working out for you, there are many other DIY projects to try. If none of them work for you, then consider buying a set online. You can search ‘travel jewelry organizers’ in google images or shop around until one catches your eye. Traveling with your most precious valuables will never be hard again. Happy traveling!

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