How Far Do Rats Walk From Their Nest

Well, the answer is quite surprising because there are a lot of rats out there, and they are fast runners. They will travel for miles and miles to reach a new home.

Rats are very smart, and they can make a nest within the shortest time. They are also known to be very hard-working.

How far do rats walk from their nest? If they are hungry or thirsty, then they will travel a distance of 30 feet. They can also walk up to 100 miles per day.

  • Rats travel from their nest to their favorite food source, and when they reach their destination, they leave their home and continue their journey. Rats can also travel to their food sources by burrowing.
  • Rats are very intelligent and are one of the most curious creatures. They are also very active, and they are constantly moving. 

There are two types of rats worldwide, one brown rat and the other black rat. Black rats are the most active and adventurous creatures out there.

  • Brown rats are found in urban areas, and they are the most common rats in the world. Brown rats are very much active, and they are found in both indoor and outdoor places. They are also very clever and can find food anywhere in the house.
  • Black rats are found in rural areas and are also very active and adventurous. They are usually found in underground houses and are also very smart. They will also explore the whole house; if there is food available, they will quickly eat it.

How Far Do Rats Walk From Their Nest?


The reason why we ask this question is because we find it interesting to see just how far a rat would walk. In this article, I’m going to share with you the results of an experiment that was conducted in England where scientists actually measured the distance a rat would walk from his home.

What is the distance that rats travel from their nests?

Measuring the exact distance that rats travel from their nests is very hard. The average length of a rat’s journey is around 30 to 40 meters.

It is an instinct of a rat to get away from its home. Even though they are the smallest animals, their instinct is to escape danger. Does the question arise that how far they run?

  • Rats are the most common rodents found in all parts of the world. They live in large colonies, and they are social animals. Every rat has its territory.
  • They eat a variety of foods, and they eat everything. They can eat grains, seeds, fruits, meat, eggs, etc. They are omnivorous, and they eat almost anything.
  • The average size of a rat is around 20 cm. Some of the larger ones can reach up to 50cm.
  • Size matters to rats because it affects their movement. Smaller rats can run faster than larger ones. If a rat is small, then he will cover a large distance in a short period.
  • Rats have the instinct to move, and they have to leave their nest. They will stay in the nest for some time, but after a while, they will start exploring their surroundings.
  • Rats usually start exploring when they are born. But they will start leaving their nests as soon as they are born. They will begin exploring the nest when they are around 2 weeks old.
  • Rats will start exploring their surroundings when they are 3 to 4 weeks old. They will start exploring the food and water sources.
  • They will be attracted to food and water sources because they are essential for survival.
  • The area in which a rat life is also called his territory. A rat will try to avoid the parts of other rats.
  • If a rat enters another’s territory, the other rat will attack him. If you see a rat in the open ground, then it is safe for you to approach him.
  • Rats can move very fast. They can run at speeds of 15 miles per hour. They are the fastest-running animals on land.
  • Rats have excellent hearing, smell, and eyesight. They can hear sounds up to a distance of 100 meters. They have great vision and can see up to a distance of 1 km.
  • Rats are known for their keen sense of smell. They can smell even the smallest of things. If a rat smells something dangerous, then it will run away. 
  • The average lifespan of a rat is 2 years.

Rat movement is affected by the seasons


Rats are the most commonly found rodents. They live in colonies in a variety of places, and they are also known to travel a long distance to reach their new settlement. The space that the rat travels depends on the season.


The summer months are very hot, and if you want to avoid the heat, keep the rats as far as possible from the heat source. 

During summer, the temperature may rise to 35 degrees Celsius, and it can cause heatstroke and dehydration. So, the rats will try to find a cool spot to stay.


The temperature in winter is much lower than in the summer, and the rats can survive in cold weather. 

They don’t need to go too far as a lot of food is available. They will use their noses to smell the food.


It is the time when the weather is nice and warm, so the rats will try to find a place where they can enjoy the spring weather.

Some Interesting facts about the rat:

Here are some interesting facts about the rat:

  • The babies will eat the mother’s food, and then the mother will start to feed them with her milk. After that, they will be able to see their mother and will follow her wherever she goes.
  • In a colony, the rats live together and are always together. If a rat is sick, it will be treated by the rest of the rats. If there is a problem in the colony, all the rats will search for the rat causing the pain.
  • They will try to kill the problem rat by biting its legs and tail. They will also bite its back and head.
  • After that, the problem rat will die, and the colony will move to another place. The rat will take care of the new nest. The new settlement will be bigger than the previous one and have more rats.
  • These rodents are nocturnal animals and spend most of their time sleeping.
  • They can move at speeds of up to 30 mph. They can move at speeds of up to 30 km / h.
  • The female rats can give birth to around 15 liters in a year.
  • They can also chew through iron bars.
  • The average life span of the rats is around 2 years.
  • The males are smaller than the females and weigh around 25 grams.
  • They are omnivores and eat everything from garbage to plants.
  • These rodents can also climb trees.


This is a fun question, and it is interesting to know the answer. The answer is that the distance rats travel according to weather conditions and food availability. 

Rats are the smallest mammals on the earth and are found in various parts of the world. They are very social creatures, and they live in colonies.

Rats are born in a nest made by the mother rat, and it is called a nest. She takes the young rats with her when the mother rat leaves her nest. The mother rat will not let her baby rats leave her nest unless she is ready to go.

The average distance that a rat will travel is about 3 to 4 miles. However, some rats will travel more than that.