How Travel Agents Make Money | Great discovery in 2022

In today’s world, there are plenty of ways to earn a living—and a growing number of people are choosing to become travel agents. Many people are looking to become travel agents to make extra money, but there is so much competition that it can be difficult to land your dream job and learn about how travel agents make money.

Travel agents have the knowledge and skills to assist tourists in booking the best holiday packages according to their budgets and preferences. The main job of a travel agent is to provide the best deals to their clients.

Travel agents, also known as travel consultants, are the lifeblood of the travel industry. They make money by providing information and advice on destinations and hotels, helping people book their trips, and taking commissions on that transactions.

It doesn’t matter if you work with one or a hundred clients. Your job is to make the process of booking travel as easy and seamless as possible for your clients.

  • In this article, we’ll explore How Travel Agents Make Money, earn a commission on every booking they secure, and improve their bottom line by using the tools available to them.

How Travel Agents Make Money?

If you have ever wondered How Travel Agents Make Money, then you may find the answers to these questions interesting. You see, the truth is that travel agents make their money by referring travelers to other travel agents.

What are the types of travel agents?

There are different types of travel agents depending on their qualifications and experience.

• Local travel agents: These are the people who are trained locally to book holiday packages for local customers.

• International travel agents: These are the people who know to book holiday packages for international travelers.

• Online travel agents: These people know to book holiday packages for international and local travelers.

• Independent travel agents: These are the people who are self-employed and have the knowledge to book holiday packages for travelers.

• Corporate travel agents: These are the company’s employees and have the knowledge to book holiday packages for corporate travelers.

• Travel consultants: These people who are not working for any company and know how to book holiday packages for travelers.

Different Ways Travel Agents Make Money:

1. Commission:

Travel agents earn money by charging a commission from the travelers. This is the easiest way to make money while traveling because you don’t need to spend any extra.

You will get a commission from the airline, hotel, and car rental company, but your total amount will be the same.

  • The travel agents charge a commission for their services.
  • There are two ways to earn money from travelers,

Commission-based: The commission is charged directly by the travelers to the travel agent.

Non-commission based: The travel agent charges a price for the service that he provides, and then he will get paid by the traveler.

2. Cruise Incentives

How do cruise agents make money through Cruise Incentives?

  • Let’s understand it by a real example.

Here is a scenario where a client wants to spend his vacation in the Caribbean, so he calls the travel agent and asks him to book a cruise. After getting all the information about the cruise, he books it and pays the deposit.

After that, he receives a voucher for a flight to the Caribbean but does not use it. Instead, he spends it on other activities like shopping, spa, etc.

In this situation, the travel agent gets paid for the flight he did not use. It is an example of a cruise incentive, a type of cruise promotion.

Now, you might be thinking, what kind of a deal is that?

  • This is a very profitable business for travel agents. They can charge anywhere between 2% to 3% commission from the clients.
  • They can even charge the customers as much as 25% of their total bill.

Travel agents earn from the cruise incentive in two ways

1. By offering discounts to the clients.

2. By selling the tickets for the same cruise to different people at a higher price.

  • These incentives include:
  • Free ticket
  • Free accommodation
  • Free meal
  • Free transportation
  • Free tours and excursions

3. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a term used for protecting your travel plans from any unexpected events. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory, and its meaning is pretty clear.

But the question is how travel agents make money by providing this kind of travel protection and more about how travel agents book the flight . This article will try to explain how travel agents make money through Travel Insurance.

Travel agents are the best way to make money in this field because they don’t charge any commission. They only charge for the service provided by them. The most important part of their job is to provide travel insurance for their clients, and their clients only pay them after they have availed of the services.

4. Car Rental

Travel agents make money by Car Rental. Most travel agencies work as travel agencies or tour operators. They offer the best deals to their customers.

5. Selling the Tickets

There are various ways to make money by selling tickets. You can either buy the ticket or sell it. You must do the following things to earn money by selling the ticket.

You need to have a good knowledge of the market. You need to know all the rules and regulations. You also need to have good communication skills.

6. Tours

Tours to different places

A travel agent can earn money by booking tours for a specific place. Knowing the market lets, you get the best deals for a tour package. You can even earn more by offering an extra service like giving advice or providing a guide.

7. Booking trips

This is the most common way to earn money, as you will book your clients’ holidays. You will be charged a fee for the service.

8. Air ticket booking

You can offer your clients the best deals on air tickets and earn some extra money from this. You can also offer extra services like arranging airport transfers or helping with visas.

9. Planning and organizing holidays

If you are good at planning and organizing, then you can earn a good amount of money by doing it. You can earn by selling the tours to your clients. You can also earn a small amount by advising the clients.

10. Premium listings

As the name suggests, premium listings are the best listing of travel agencies that will provide you with the best services. 

It is a platform where you can find all the travel agents and their contact details. It is also a platform where you can choose the best travel agent for your trip.


It is an online listing site where you can list your travel agents, and others will visit your listing page, and then they can choose the best travel agent for their trip.

If you are using a premium listing, then you will get paid a commission.

How much money do travel agents make?

Travel agents earn from $20,000 to $100,000 per year. They work for a company as a professional and have their own office and a staff of employees.

Travel agents earn on a commission basis. They are paid by the airlines, hotels, and tour operators when they get a client for a particular service.

  • The average income of a travel agent is around $35,000.

How do travel agents get paid?

So, let’s talk about how travel agents get paid. The first thing you need to know is that the travel agents get paid by the travel companies and know about how travel nurse work. When a customer makes a booking for a particular destination, he will pay a certain amount to the travel company.

The travel company will share the amount with the travel agent, and the agent will get a commission. Let’s say you are a travel agent and have a list of 100 customers. You will receive 50% of the total amount.


Many travel agents offer travel services for a commission. This means that they earn money based on the amount of service they provide. If you decide to become a travel agent, you must have the right attitude and work hard to succeed. 

A good travel agent will work closely with the client, find the best deals and offer them to the client at the lowest possible price, all while maintaining a friendly and personal relationship with them. 

The travel agent will also be able to keep track of the client’s preferences and needs, as well as the destination’s climate, weather, and other aspects that can impact the client’s decision.