Intrepid Travel funnels $7.85M into Australian eco-friendly cabin provider

Sustainability Driven Travel Experience Company intrepid journey invests $7.85 million stake in Australian off-grid hosting provider CABN.

With this investment, CABN plans to grow from the 11 eco-friendly cabins it currently offers to more than 70 across the country. Its cabins are constructed from mostly locally sourced and sustainable materials and require minimal infrastructure, in line with the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy.

The investment will also help CABN meet growing demand for sustainable travel, with annual overnight stays expected to rise from 4,000 to 26,000 across Australia.

James Tronton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, said, “CABN’s offering and business model aligns perfectly with our move into vertical lodging and fits naturally into our vision to grow as a travel business. goal-oriented adventure game.

“We know the CABN product is of particular interest, not only to our existing customer base, but also to the growing market of global travelers seeking authentic and sustainable travel experiences.”

Through this partnership, Intrepid Travel plans to include CABN sites as featured accommodations in a number of tour operator trips.

Certified B-Corp, Intrepid Travel offers more than 1,150 trips on all continents. In March last year, he announced a strategic partnership with French investment firm Genairgy to help Intrepid become the first billion-dollar adventure travel company by 2025.