New data reveals the attractions tourists think are too expensive

The rising cost of living means we consider value for money more than ever. People are now looking at reviews under a microscope to see if it’s worth shelling out for expensive attractions. So where in the world isn’t it worth the high ticket price?

SavingSpot analysis Tourist reviews of attractions in nearly every country to reveal which ones visitors would consider “overpriced”

Here are the top 20 attractions considered too expensive by tourists
Key findings include:

  • Four of the top 5 attractions deemed too expensive are in England, the first being Warner Brother’s The Making of Harry Potter
  • The main attraction deemed too expensive by tourists outside the UK is the United Arab Emirates’ Burj Khalifa
  • Universal Studios Florida is the attraction tourists thought was too expensive in the US
  • Canada’s CN Tower is considered the most expensive attraction in the country
  • Down Under, the Australian attraction deemed overpriced is Sydney’s Bridge Walk, while in New Zealand it’s Skyline Queenstown.