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Rumi Travel Quotes is a collection of the most inspirational and moving travel quotes by the world’s greatest poet and writer, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. When you’re looking for a quote to inspire you or remind you of your journey, Rumi has some of the best out there.

  • Rumi has been a favourite source of inspiration for millions of people throughout history.
  • Rumi is a famous poet and philosopher of the Sufi and Islamic traditions. He was born in Balkh, Afghanistan, in 1207. He has written more than 600 poems, 300 of which were collected in the Divan-e Shamsi, the Book of the Sun. 
  • He was the son of a Persian poet. His family moved to Konya, Turkey, in 1220.
  • Rumi travelled all over Asia, Africa and Europe, and he spent much of his time in Istanbul. 
  • Rumi lived in Konya for the rest of his life. He was a mystic, teacher, and writer. He is known as the “Poet of Love” because of the way he expressed the love between humans and God.

It’s easy to see why travel quotes are a favourite among travellers. They’re simple and beautiful. But what happens when you combine them with travel photos? You get a powerful combination that will make your visitors smile, laugh, and take action.

Best Rumi Travel Quotes:


Rumi has given us a few great travel quotes which we can use to our advantage. We can use these quotes when we travel or are stuck in traffic. The best thing about these quotes is that they can be applied in different situations. I’ll give some advice on keeping your travels secure, such as family travel quotes and wonderful experiences with safe travel quotes.

Rumi’s poetry is powerful because it’s simple, profound, and timeless. The Rumi quotes are beautiful and inspiring. You can say it’s not only motivational but also wisdom. 

  • These are some of his best quotes.
  1. “If you were born to be a traveler, make the most of your life. If you were born to settle, build a house. But no matter where you were born, travel is your destiny. Make your life long and useful.” 
  1. “My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”
  1. “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
  1. “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”
  1. “When you are everywhere, you are nowhere. When you are somewhere, you are everywhere.”
  1. “When you’re traveling, ask the traveler for advice / not someone whose lameness keeps him in one place.”
  1. “There is no path to happiness, but through sacrifice.”
  1. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
  1. “He who has no time for solitude, has no time for friends.”
  1. “We cannot know the sweetness of solitude until we have been alone.”
  1. “He who has never traveled has never seen the beauty of the world.”
  1. “The traveler sees the world, the poet makes it eternal.”
  1. “Those who travel, either for business or pleasure, come back home wiser.”
  1. “A journey is a person, not a destination.”
  1. “The traveler learns that travel and life are two words for the same thing.”
  1. “You can’t travel the road of life without leaving a few footprints.”
  1. “The traveler leaves his heart in every city he visits.”
  1. “Travel is a dangerous thing. It has the power to make us see things and feel things that we would never see and feel if we were stuck at home.”


  1. “It is better to be alone than to be in bad company.”
  1. “He who travels, dreams.”
  1. “It is not the destination that matters, but the journey.”
  1. “Every place has its own beauty, but beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.”
  1. “The best way to know the world is to travel around.”
  2. “The traveler does not lose anything by leaving his home.”
  1. “Travel is a great teacher.”
  1. “A traveler is a man who does not travel for the sake of traveling, but for the sake of knowing.”
  1. “There is no journey, only a path.”
  1. “When you travel, don’t forget to take pictures.”
  1. “The greatest gift you can give the people of the world is to show them that you believe in their capacity to change their world.”
  1. “The traveler is a pilgrim, who is not afraid to meet his God in any land.”
  1. “It is not a question of where you go, but of who you become.”
  1. “The traveler’s heart is a fountain of compassion.”
  1. “The traveler knows that life is a journey.”
  1. “You can only learn from experience.”
  1. “Beauty surrounds us, but we usually need to walk in a garden to know it.”
  1. “Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.”
  1. “Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meanings… Leave and don’t look away from the sun as you go, in whose light you’re sometimes crescent, sometimes full.”
  2. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single day.”
  1. “Travel is the best classroom.”
  1. “Travel is a great healer.”

How to Keep Your Travel Safe?

The internet is full of travel tips, which are very useful and helpful. People use it as a source of knowledge about travel and tourism, and most of them are quite popular.

Travelling is a great experience, but it can also be risky if you are not careful enough. In this post, I will share some travel tips that will help you keep your travel safe like the family travel quotes and great experience with safe travel quotes.

  • Avoid scams

Many online scams and frauds target travellers. It would help if you were careful while booking a flight or hotel. 

Always check the reviews before booking, and make sure to avoid scams by reading some of the online forums.

  • Be safe in crowds

Always keep an eye on your surroundings. When you are in a crowd, never let yourself get distracted. Don’t let anyone follow you; don’t let them take your phone.

  • Be smart

Don’t carry more than you need. If you are not carrying anything necessary, then you can travel light. Carry only what is essential, and don’t carry anything unnecessary.

  • Check your destination

Before you go, make sure to check your destination. Do your research about the place you are going to visit. 

Make sure you are visiting the right place, and if you are planning to visit a new place, then read the reviews about that place.


Rumi Travel Quotes will inspire you to travel. It gives you a variety of quotes from famous and lesser-known writers.

Each quote has a beautiful poem and a picture. It’s a collection of poetry that is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Rumi Travel Quotes was designed to help you create a better travel experience and share your adventures with the world. It was built from the ground up to be a simple, beautiful travel journal and a great way to share your travels with family, friends, and the world.