Singapore Airlines Review 2022

Singapore Airlines Review

Singapore Airlines is a leading airline in the region, with an emphasis on customer service. Singapore offers world-class amenities and business-class services that set it apart from its competitors. Let’s dive into the detailed review of Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines has been rated number one for ten years running by Skytrax World Airline Awards. And it was voted the top three best international carriers out of all major Asian countries. Because they understand what passengers want: comfort and excellent hospitality at reasonable prices.

The world’s best 5-star airline has never compromised on service. You’ll feel like a king or queen the moment you step into one of their planes, and that feeling continues even when they’re “down to earth.”

An airline is famous for its impeccable service in both the air and on the ground, along with comfort and quality accommodations.

Frequent Flyer Programs


If you’re a frequent flyer, KrisFlyer is the program for you. Earn points through every booking – even hotels and car rentals! To get started as a Silver or Gold status member with perks like free seat selection and priority boarding, take your next flight with Singapore Airlines. Or one of their partner airlines to earn those precious miles.

PPS Club

You may be eligible for the PPS Club if you fly business, first-class, or suites with Singapore Airlines at least 25 times in 12 consecutive months. The advantages of being a member include double KrisFlyer award earnings and discounts off upgrade redemptions.

Types of Tickets

The Singapore Airlines website has a variety of ticket options to fit your needs. You can choose between economy, premium economy, and business class tickets with different baggage allowances, cancellation terms, and KrisFlyer miles earning potentials available for purchase.

First Class Fare Type

For first-class, there is just one standard fare type with the following criteria:

1) You have the option to check-in baggage up to 50 kg or 110 pounds.

2) If you choose a first-class ticket with Singapore Airlines, it comes free of charge for advanced seat selection. That means that if there’s anything inconvenient about your flight seating arrangements and you would like them changed in advance before taking off on your journey – no problem! There’ll be absolutely nothing holding you back from getting what you want at all times possible during this experience without having any extra cost attached whatsoever.

3) You will be charged separately to cancel your flight

4) The ability to freely make changes is just one more way they’re offering their customers complete peace of mind throughout every single part of their trip so far as well as future flights too should something need adjusting last minute down the earth secure My Fare is a new service that lets you lock in your flight for only $4. This innovative service covers flights operated by Singapore Airlines, and you must book your seat at least 30 days before departure.


MySQUpgrade is the first airline-based bidding service. It allows you to bid on premium cabin upgrades for airlines. It keeps your bid hidden until 50 hours before departure so no one else can outbid you.

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Seat Specifications, Inflight Inclusions, and Amenities

Economy Class

Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s top 5 airlines in terms of international passengers, carried and fleet size. It has three different fits for economy class depending on which aircraft you’re flying. The first type is found on Airbus A380-800s or Boeing 777-300ERs. These planes have a 300 seat capacity with 36″ seats that recline to 180 degrees when fully flat and come equipped with entertainment systems including movies, TV shows, games like Mahjong Solitaire, or puzzles. There are also power outlets available at every row and USB ports accessible by all rows except the aft ones. So if you need your phone charged up before boarding, then head towards those.

The service and facilities are the same in all fits; the only variation is in the seats, which are ergonomically built with 6-way adjustable headrests in the newest fit.

Amenities include:

1) Designed for comfort and entertainment, the new Airbus A350 comes with a seat that reclines into an adjustable headrest.

2) Airline seats are ergonomically designed so you can rest at ease while traveling on long flights to your destination. The 6-way adjustable headrest is newly fitted onto this aircraft as well!

3) You’ll also be provided with headphones if desired for 1,000+ entertaining options, including movies and games.

4) With extra legroom available at no cost or forward zone seating (for which there may be a fee). Moreover, every traveler will have plenty of room during their flight experience.

3) Enjoy complimentary snacks such as chips and sodas along with meals depending on the duration of flight time

Premium Economy

Amenities include:

1) Priority check-in and boarding are available to all passengers.

2) Wide seats feature up to 19.5 inches of legroom, 8-inch recline, and 38-inch seat pitch for comfort during the flight with 13.3″ HD touchscreen screens that offer over 1,800 entertainment options, including noise-canceling headphones so you can watch your favorite show or listen on any TV channel in multiple languages3) Preorder a meal from an extensive menu before your flight starts (or even after it takes off!).

4) Complimentary snacks

5) Storage space for personal items has been increased by 50%, meaning more room inside the overhead bins, while amenity kits include toothbrush + toothpaste along

Business Class

Business-class may vary depending on the type of plane you are flying. The A330, 777-300, and 777-200 have an older business class, while the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-10 offer a newer one.

The newest chairs have updated touchscreens and a flatbed, while the previous seats do lie flat but slightly inclined.

An Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-300ER, or refitted 772s can offer a slightly older fit of business class. They have sculpted wing seating and 18-inch touchscreens that make the seats seem like private pods for getting work done on long flights.

Finally, a new innovative seat has been created for the A350 and retrofitted Boeing 777-300ER. This chair features different seating options like an 18-inch touchscreen when in an upright position and is made of comfortable lie flatbeds found on other aircrafts such as the Airbus 330 models.

The recent addition to business class seats unveiled by Qatar Airways will be available only on their latest widebody fleet: The newly designed A380 superjumbo jetliner; upgraded 747-8 Intercontinental jumbos with more amenities than ever before; a brand spanking new 787 Dreamliners coming soon this fall–and even some retrofitted 300 ER’s featuring two cabins (one side open), 2×2 configuration, reclines into a bed.

Amenities include:

1) Priority check-in and boarding to make the journey even more enjoyable from start to finish.

2) Wide seating transforms into a lie flatbed for your comfort, perfect for napping or catching up on some sleep before landing in style.

3) 2 seats can be transformed into a double bed if you’re traveling with someone special – ask one of our flight attendants!

3) Book the Cook allows you to preorder meals ahead of time, so when it’s mealtime, we have what you want ready and waiting at no extra charge (except any extras).

4) Complimentary snacks are available during certain hours as well.

5) You will be able to enjoy a 15-inch HD screen with 1,000s of shows to choose from while wearing headphones that cancel out all noise, so you are immersed only in what is directly in front of you.

6) With an amenity kit including slippers for long international flights and soap/shampoo set up just like at home. It’ll feel as though they were anticipating every need before we even knew ourselves! Plus, there’s Wi-Fi available for purchase should you feel the urge strike (or not!)

Singapore Airlines Customer Support Service

As the world’s best-rated airline, Singapore Airlines had its share of detractors. But when it comes to social media reviews for customer service and cabin crew interaction, you won’t find many complaints or negative comments in their posts! Singapore Airlines employees are highly trained professionals who go out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable flight.

Singaporeans have a reputation for being polite and always willing to help. Their Facebook page is no different; every comment gets seen, whether they are good or bad.

The fortunate majority of Singapore-based Airline customers are content with the service and efficiency that regional flights provide. A minuscule percentage of dissatisfied guests have expressed concern about lost or damaged luggage. It is a common complaint among airlines worldwide due to accountability issues between customer service staff.

Although social media is primarily favorable, there is a genuine mixed bag of reviews on SkyTrax. Consumers claim that the 5-star airline’s standards are falling.

It is believed that cost-cutting is to blame for consumer accounts, such as restricted meals. Restricted meals provide on long-haul flights, fewer drink services, and decreasing food quality.

Quality and safety

Singapore Airlines has an impeccable safety record, with a perfect 7/7 score from This is in part due to the airline’s IATA Operational Safety Audit Certification and its near-perfect track record of not having any crashes since entering service back in 1972.


As Singapore modernizes its cabins on newer aircraft, this is causing inconsistencies across the inflight experience. With some routes receiving better service and amenities at a higher price point than others, it’s hard for customers to know what they’re getting themselves into when booking flights with us.

No traveler wants their flight to feel like an afterthought or, worse yet: just another day in transit. So we strive every single day of our lives for that five-star touch – even if perfection can’t be achieved 100% of the time!

Singapore Airlines has been around for decades, and with 5-star service comes the price of a premium. The airline is well known to provide their passengers first-class seats wider than coach seating on other airlines, along with entertainment systems inside each seat to make long flights more enjoyable. However, some customers feel they’re not getting what they pay for when flying Singapore Airlines. Even though there may be enhanced services like these, others charge less money without sacrificing anything from its standard fare travel experience or amenities by comparison.

Singapore Airlines is the most awarded airline in Asia. It has won over 500 awards, including four prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards, for five consecutive years.

Overall, Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines to travel with. It happens to be statistically among some of the safest carriers across all regions today, a title it’s held on since 2006 (accordingly ranked number two).