Singapore hospitality company opens hotel in metaverse

Based in Singapore Millennium Hotels and Resorts is preparing to open its first hotel operating in a metaverse – a network of three-dimensional virtual worlds.

Starting May 5, users can “enter” the hotel – M Social Decentraland – with their avatars to explore the property. The company says future development will include connecting to the M Social website and the ability to participate in special events for occasions such as New Years.

The building, designed to resemble the M Social hotels that exist in cities around the world, is located in the center of
Decentralizeda metaverse where brands such as Samsung, Nike, Coca-Cola and Sotheby’s also have virtual stores.

“As we look to the future, we must look beyond the traditional model of hospitality and engage our guests through new, immersive experiences,” said Kwek Leng Beng, Executive Chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited.

“We hope to redefine hospitality through M Social Decentraland by creating online adventures that integrate with real-life events.”

According to Saurabh Prakash, Group Senior Vice President, Commercial for Millennium Hotels and Resorts: “The hospitality landscape is changing rapidly. We adopt different technologies to engage customers and improve customer experience. The Metaverse is one such avenue that gives us myriad opportunities to create unique social connections with our guests.

In the coming months, the company says it’s looking to develop collaborations with “like-minded partners” regarding its metaverse business.

The M Social brand was launched in Singapore in 2016 and has physical locations in Paris, New York, Singapore and Auckland.