The Cousin Eddie RV – Most Famous RV Of All Time

When you assume of camping entertaining, do you believe of everything in certain?

For RV fans, the Cousin Eddie RV, a damaged down 1972 Ford Condor II, might in fact be the star of the Christmas Trip movie! 

Its co-star is the beloved Cousin Eddie character and the happy operator of this tenement on wheels!

This is one of our a little fewer standard camping game titles but 1 of the most liked!

Take a look at your information about the most well-known RV of all time with these trivia concerns, enjoyment details and prices!

The Cousin Eddie RV Trivia Fun Facts Quotes On The Most Famous RV Of All Time by CampingForFoodies

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The Cousin Eddie RV – Most Popular RV Of All Time

The Christmas Holiday vacation shift has a unique location in the hearts of RVers throughout America!

So, we thought it would be fun to dig in to some exciting facts and trivia about the renowned, or shall we say notorious, RV, its fictional owner and the motion picture!

5 Exciting Facts About Cousin Eddie’s RV

  1. The “tenement on wheels” was a damaged down 1972 Ford Condor II.
  2. In its day, the Ford Condor Class A Motorhome was thought of a luxury RV that was perfectly-appointed with deluxe creature comforts.
  3. Originally, the Ford Motor Organization created the Ford Condor RVs in-residence.
  4. They have been constructed for extended haul RVing at a leisurely speed so they did not have a standing for performance or velocity.
  5. In the motion picture, the Christmas Vacation RV was owned by Cousin Eddie, played by actor Randy Quaid, and his wife Catherine, performed by actress Miriam Flynn.

21 Christmas Holiday RV Offers And Movie Trivia Queries

Q. What did Clark refer to Cousin Eddie’s RV as?
A. Tenement on wheels

Q. In the commencing of the film, Cousin Eddie informed Clark he traded some thing with his buddy to borrow the RV. What did he trade?
A. “He took my home, I took the RV”

Q. Afterwards in the movie, Cousin Eddie admitted he lied about how he received the RV. What did he confess to Clark?
A “It’s mine, we live in it. Had to market off the household, the barn, the 10 acres. All I held was the 50 foot plot, pigs and the worm farm”

Q. When Cousin Eddie arrived, how long did he tell Clark he was setting up on remaining?
A. “We’re getting it with us when we leave below upcoming month”

Q. Cousin Eddie informed Clark they coasted into city on fumes. Where by did he say the gasoline cash gave out?
A. Gurnee

Q. What video game was the loved ones enjoying when the squirrel jumped out of the Christmas tree?
A. Monopoly

Q. Catherine advised Clark that Cousin Eddie gave up having squirrels. What explanation did she give for his selection?
A. Cousin Eddie gave up eating squirrels when he observed out they have been high in cholesterol! We’re thinking he could possibly gain by checking out our thoroughly yummy and healthy camping food stuff! 😉

Q. Cousin Eddie instructed Clark the metallic plate was replaced in his head. Why did he say it wanted to be changed?
A. “Cause each time Catherine revved up the microwave, I’d piss my trousers and overlook who I was for a 50 %-hour or so”

Q: Cousin Eddie has a dog. What is the dog’s name?
A: Snots

Q. Cousin Eddie does not connect with before he comes at Clark’s for Xmas. What does Clark say when Cousin Eddie questioned him if he is stunned to see them?
A: “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be much more shocked than I am ideal now”

Q. What is on the entrance grill of Cousin Eddie’s RV?
A. A wreath

Q. How very long has Cousin Eddie been out of operate? Why?
A. 7 a long time mainly because he’s keeping out for a administration position

Q. Cousin Eddie is dumping his RV’s black tank into the storm drain in entrance of Clark’s property when the neighbor comes out for a jog. What does Cousin Eddie say to greet the neighbor?
A. “Merry Xmas! Shitter was full!”

Q. What tune is participating in whilst Cousin Eddie is dumping his RV’s waste into the storm drain?
A. Instrumental rendition of Rudolph The Purple Nosed Reindeer

Q: Cousin Eddie is ingesting a beer when he’s dumping his RV squander into Clark’s storm drain. What beer is he ingesting?
A: Meister Brau

Q. Clark and Eddie drink eggnog from distinctive eyeglasses. What are they?
A. Marty Moose Mugs, a reference to the authentic Family vacation motion picture where Marty Moose was the mascot for Wally Entire world

Q. Eddie and Clark go browsing at Wal-Mart. What does Eddie retain including to the purchasing cart?
A. Dog meals

Q. Eddie provides Clark a shock reward for Christmas. What is the gift?
A. Clark’s manager

Q. When was Xmas Trip introduced?
A. December 1, 1989

Q. How considerably did it cost to make the Christmas Holiday film?
A. Close to $27 million

Q. How much dollars did the Christmas Getaway film gross in the U.S. while demonstrating in film theaters?
A. In excess of $71 million dollars

Use these trivia issues to play exciting tenting game titles on your following outdoor adventure!

Cousin Eddie RV Ornaments

Did you know that Cousin Eddie and his RV are so preferred there are tons of Cousin Eddie RV Xmas ornaments as properly as snow villages to help you adorn for the holiday getaway time?!?

You’ve gotta see these items if you like Xmas Holiday vacation as much as we do!

Christmas Trip Forged Of Figures

Cousin Eddie’s RV – performed by 1972 Ford Condor II Class A Motorhome

Cousin Eddie Johnson – played by Randy Quaid

Clark W. “Sparky” Griswold, Jr. – played by Chevy Chase

Ellen Griswold – played by Beverly D’Angelo

Audrey Griswold – played by Juliette Lewis

Russ Griswold – performed by Johnny Galecki

Clark W. Griswold, Sr. – played by John Randolph

Nora Griswold – performed by Diane Ladd

Artwork Smith – performed by E.G. Marshall

Frances Smith – played by Doris Roberts

Cousin Catherine Johnson – performed by Miriam Flynn

Rocky Johnson – played by Cody Burger

Ruby Sue Johnson – played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Uncle Lewis – performed by William Hickey

Aunt Bethany – played by Mae Questel

Bill – played by Sam McMurray

Todd Chester – performed by Nicholas Visitor

Margo Chester – played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Frank Shirley – played by Brian Doyle-Murray

Helen Shirley – performed by Natalia Nogulich

Mary – performed by Nicolette Scorsese

SWAT Officer – performed by Alexander Folk

These entertaining information and offers are excellent to use as campfire games the whole household will delight in!

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