Travalyst coalition companies to display airline emissions data

Sustainable Travel Coalition worker unveiled an aviation sustainability framework to collect and display flight emissions data.

The nonprofit, founded by the Duke of Sussex in 2019, says its coalition of six brands is aligned with the Common Framework, meaning consumers will be able to easily find information on the least polluting flights.

Skyscanner and Google will be the first to implement the Aviation Sustainability Framework on their platforms with other coalition members, Group and Tripadvisor rolling them out later.

Sally Davey, CEO of Travalyst, says, “We know that one of the barriers preventing consumers from making better choices is lack of visibility and overly complicated information, which leads to confusion. By providing clear and consistent tools for collecting and reporting airline data, we help travelers and the industry make more informed, less polluting air travel choices.

“It is extremely important that our partners have reached agreement on this framework and will use the same data across all of their platforms.”

Along with the framework’s implementation, Google released a travel impact model for emissions estimates and will act as a technology provider to help other platforms display carbon estimates.

Google joined Travalyst last year and also unveiled sustainability initiatives, including an eco-certified badge for hotels, meeting the standards of independent organizations such as Green Key or EarthCheck.