VacayMyWay claims a first with rewards program for rentals

great claim of VacayMyWay As it launches a branded loyalty program for those who book alternative accommodation, saying it is the first rental platform to do so in the industry.

Starting June 1, travelers will earn one point for every dollar spent on a reservation with the US-based startup.

Points can be redeemed on future bookings made on the site within the next 12 months.

Additional benefits for guests and property hosts will be announced in the future, the company says (Startup Stage here).

Heidie Henriksen, vice president of business development at VacayMyWay, says the company’s closest competitor, Vrbo, doesn’t have a branded loyalty program specific to rentals, but instead leverages Expedia Group’s existing program.

A number of credit card plans (such as Chase) offer points for payments to their customers, which can be redeemed on certain platforms.

Other rental sites, such as Airbnb, Tripz, Luxury Retreats, Vacasa and Sonder are also currently without brand loyalty programs, Henriksen says.’s Genius program, like Expedia’s, is multi-product focused.

VacayMyWay CEO Jim Stewart said, “VacayYourWay Rewards is another example of Vacay’s customer-focused philosophy, and being first to market showcases the flexibility and initiative of our design and customer service teams at Vacay.