What Can You Do With An Empty Jewelry Box | Complete Guide 2023

A box can be many things: it can use to store items, such as jewelry, in an organized fashion; it can use to throw things away when you are done with them, or it could even serve as the base for a creative project. This post will help you find What Can You Do With An Empty Jewelry Box.

A jewelry box is a must-have for the lady who likes to keep her bling in tip-top shape and you may know that who made a first jewelry box for keeping jewels. But many of us don’t have enough room on our dressers or nightstands for more than one, and even if we do, the chances are that they’re all empty!

What Can You Do With An Empty Jewelry Box

Many people might be wondering what to do with their old jewelry boxes that are no longer in use. You can keep your jewelry in a box, or you can craft something out of it like a:

We will explore creative ways that you can give an empty jewelry box a new life. Let’s get started by taking a look at these ideas:

Change jar

One way to recycle an old jewelry box is to turn it into a change jar. It is a straightforward project that does not require any sewing or gluing. Take out all the drawers and empty their contents, including beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

Then take your scissors and cut off where you see that one side begins to with another circle or shape.

Cut along those lines until all circles have been cut from their base, so they are separated from one another, now standing alone as individual units. You can now write on labels for each department or paint them if you want a more unique and customized look. Fill the units with loose change, candy wrappers, and other small items that you might find lying around your home. You can then just pop it open to access it at any time.

Photo frame

It is also possible to make a fun photo frame out of your old jewelry box. Take the lid off the box and remove all drawers from their place inside. Afterward, paint or decoupage the entire outside of the box as desired. Before the paint has completely dried, begin placing photos behind where each drawer used to be. Glue down any loose edges on top of your pictures if need be for secure placement, and then let dry completely before displaying.

Plan Pot

If you prefer something that has less clutter surrounding it, like the change jar, then consider turning your old jewelry box into a plant pot. Remove all drawers and paint the entire outside of the box. Place large rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the box to help with drainage if there are any holes in it.

Afterward, fill up the rest of the box with soil until it is halfway complete. If you like, you can also line some pieces of driftwood or small logs along part of an inner sidewall for decoration purposes as well, allowing it to stand upright on its own without falling over. Plant whatever type of small indoor plant would best fit inside your container, using enough soil so that when you scoop out some space for them to grow, they will not fall through!

Plant pot gives your old jewelry box a new purpose by recycling it into something more valuable than just storing your stuff.

Filling with Gifts

A fun way to recycle old jewelry boxes is to fill them with Christmas goodies and give them as gifts. These work great for filling with anything from baked goods, to small toys, or candy. They would also be a cute idea for holding other smaller gift items such as candles, stationery, CDs, makeup, and more.


There are many ways you can reuse an old jewelry box. Rather than just throwing the boxes away, try finding some other creative uses for your old jewelry box so it doesn’t go unused any longer. You could use it to store items, like your children’s toys or office supplies, that need a home. It may also be the perfect size for throwing papers away when they’re no longer required.

And if you have any creative projects on the horizon, such as building something out of wood, consider using this container as one of its base layers! We hope these ideas will help spark some inspiration and give you new ways to think about what purpose your old jewelry boxes might serve in your life again.