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What can you do with old jewelry? One of the most popular answers is to turn it into something new and creative. Jewelry is a fun accessory to have. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find new ways to wear your old pieces because you are bored with how they look. 

Luckily, I’ve got some great ideas for you! If you’re looking for something new and unique that will show off your old jewelry and give it a good home without breaking the bank, then this is just what you need. If this sounds like something fun for your next project, read on.

It’s time to step out of your jewelry rut! No matter how much you love the old pieces in your collection, developing new ways to wear them can be challenging. With some imagination and creativity, there are plenty of fun activities for old jewelry that will keep you entertained all year long. Whether you’re trying to spice up an outfit or require a quick gift idea, these ideas will help you get started.

What Can You Do With Old Jewelry?

We all have old jewelry in our drawers that we don’t wear anymore. Sometimes when you look at them, they seem so dated and out of style. I’m going to show you how to take your old pieces and make  jewelry case  again 

You can remove the stones from unwanted items and use them in a fresh piece of jewelry. Leave the stones in place if you’re not quite sure what piece to make. Add beads, charms, or other findings to personalize your creation. 

Once you’ve made your unique design, it is time to head out for some supplies. You’ll need pliers, cutting tools like wire cutters and side cutters, jump rings, cord ends (or crimp beads), clasps (s-clamps or lobster clasp), metal polish (optional).

Before purchasing additional supplies, one should decide whether a project will be repurposed or recycled. Repurposing is creatively using items, while recycling involves melting down pieces to create something new.

20 Fantastic Things to Do with Your Old Jewelry:

Have you ever come across an old necklace or earring set in your jewelry box that you couldn’t throw away? You might be surprised to find out that there are many fun things to do with your old jewelry.

    1. Sell Your Used Jewelry – One of the main reasons for selling your old jewelry is to declutter and raise money. You can sell any old, unwanted, or broken pieces online and offline.
    2. Trade – Some nonprofits will let you trade-in your used gold and silver for cash. This is a great way to get rid of high ticket items that would otherwise sit in a drawer or jewelry box. You can often find reputable dealers online that will buy back your gold, as well as provide you with details about what they’ll pay per gram. 
    3. Repairing Your Old Jewelry – If you don’t mind getting creative, then there is nothing wrong with those old pieces that need some fixing up. You can attempt to fix a necklace by restringing it or smoothing out a stone in a ring.
    4. Repurpose Your Old Jewelry – This might be one of the easiest ways you can recycle your old pieces and turn them into something new and creative. There are many ideas online, from making pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even turning your rings into planters. The possibilities are endless.
    5. Donating Your Old Jewelry – If you have some severe pieces that aren’t right for repurposing, then consider donating them instead. Some organizations will accept broken or damaged jewelry pieces, single earrings, chains, and smaller items.
    6. Tossing Your Old Jewelry – If you’ve got some old earrings that aren’t good for anything else, then consider throwing them out or recycling them if your local area offers this service. You will often find recycle bins at craft stores and even department stores.
    7. Jewelry heart canvas art
    8. Repurposed jewelry into keychains
    9. Make your pendant necklace from old bead caps by Dollar Store and how you can store  the gold and silver together.
    10. Create a mug riser for plantsCatholics Anonymous repurposes chain bracelets to create a mug riser for plants.
    11. Repurposed necklaces into earrings by Funky Junk Interiors using a super glue gun and pearl embellishments in a pattern of her choosing.
    12. Make a new pendant with old beaded bracelet scrap. 
    13. Toss those tired old necklaces aside and make your holiday ornament 
    14. Turning into planters! This is an awesomely creative idea for reusing old rings. Turn them into planters. You’ll want to try this project at your next family gathering or BBQ 
    15. Turning into a DIY necklace- Lastly, here’s another excellent example of how you can reuse those old chains… Turn them into a DIY necklace 
    16. Want to make something quick? Use paper clips as dangles on necklaces or bracelets.
    17. Make earrings– Use foam sheets to make some cute shapes like circles, squares, and hearts. Add a few beads or charms. You’ve created your earrings. 
    18. A great way to reuse up all those single earrings is with this super simple drop earring holder from Busy Creating Memories.
    19. Don’t throw away those broken jewelry pieces. Instead, use them to create exciting tassels like these found at Say Not Sweet Anne. 
    20. These cute tea light candle holders from Port and Fin are perfect for those old tealight holders you have been saving from those long gone tea lights. 


The jewelry-making process is a fun and creative way to reuse old pieces that you might have been feeling guilty about giving away. By using your imagination, you can create some unique trinkets to show off. It’s also excellent. Opportunity for your kids or grandkids to get involved in the process. If this sounds like something fun, give it a try. We can help you find the right supplies, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any pointers on where to start.