What Is A Travel System Stroller

What Is A Travel System Stroller? A travel system stroller is a combination of an infant car seat with any type of baby stroller, which makes the transportation of your infant safe and easy. It can be in either a stroller with a ‘snap and go’ type adapter or one requiring you to remove the stroller seat. The main benefit of going with a snap-and-go system is convenience. There is no need to wake up the baby when taking him in/out of the car, no need to change his clothes after a potty break or meal stop. Pop him in and go!

What Is A Travel System Stroller?

One-piece travel system strollers

One-piece strollers are the most basic type of travel system. They provide your children security in place with usually a five-point harness system for comfort and safety. They come with large wheels, big enough to use them on almost any terrain without trouble. These are often associated with larger, heavier strollers that may not fit into smaller cars or vans easily. These are very popular amongst parents because of their ease of use. All you have to do is snap your child in the car seat onto the frame of the stroller, and off you go.

Two-piece travel system strollers

How To Travel With Stroller? Two-piece strollers are more flexible than the one-piece variety. They typically consist of a car seat that can snap into or out of a compatible stroller frame. These are regularly recommended for infants since they are right around the weight limit for most stroller seats, about thirty pounds.

 So if your child is six months old and continues to grow, you will have plenty of room in this kind of system to move them in and out without disturbing their slumber in the car seat/carrier.

Adjustable travel system strollers

Adjustable travel system strollers are a little different from the two-piece variety. These typically come with an infant carrier, which your baby will likely use until they reach about thirty to forty pounds and around one year of age. This post will help you find that baby travel system here. This kind of stroller is for those parents who want flexibility and do not want to move their child from car seat to stroller or vice versa.

Which Strollers are suitable for parents?

  • Easily adapted strollers are suitable for parents who want long walks or run errands with their children. It is convenient for parents who often have to stop by places that require them to take the infant out of the car seat.
  •  A typical travel system is joggers, where a parent can place an automobile seat into a three-wheeled jogger stroller frame. For example, if you have a two-door sedan with limited trunk space but lots of storage room inside the cabin, then you might want to consider buying an umbrella or inflatable stroller. These are compact when folded, which will save considerable space in your car. The best thing about this type of stroller is they weigh less than 10 kg, which means you can carry them anywhere very easily.
  •  Another kind of stroller that is not popular but very effective in its function is jogging strollers, available in many models and designs depending upon your comfort and price range.
  • There are many types of travel system strollers, ranging from pushchairs to car seats. Some car seats may also function as a carrier.

How to choose the right travel stroller system

The following factors are essential while choosing a travel system stroller.

Storage space

 A minor travel system may be just for you if you are an apartment dweller with limited space. If you live in the country and have miles of room to store this stroller, size does not matter.


Prices can vary from as little as one hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending on the style and brand you select. The most common ones that sell for around two hundred are front-wheel drives with a removable car seat carrier. Any travel system stroller that offers an easy-to-install infant carrier and quick fold capabilities will be more expensive than those without these options.

Number of children

Most two-seat models will cost more, depending on the number of children you have and whether one requires additional support. Many parents also note that the price can depend on whether a parent wants front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, though these typically run similar to other travel systems.


The key to buying a travel system for your family is making sure you get one that meets all of your needs while still being affordable. When considering which travel system to purchase, consider how many children you have, whether they require additional support/special needs and how much room you have. 

From car seat carriers to multi-functional models, it pays to do your research when it comes time to invest in a travel system. As you shop around, keep in mind the size of your family, their ages, and any special needs they might have. Also, consider how much space you have and whether one-seat or two-seat models would be best.