Data from OnBuy Treadmills crowns Europe’s most beautiful hikes

As the warmer months and longer days approach, long walks and hikes start to look a lot more appealing. Exploration and adventure through mountain ranges, cliffs and dramatic vistas are part of the thrill of hiking. However, deciding where to explore and what sights you simply need to see can be a difficult task.

The team at OnBuy Treadmills decided to investigate which of Europe’s hiking trails is actually the most popular.

Here are some of the main results:

  • Italian Sentiero Azzurro takes first place, with more than 2.5 million hashtags!
  • Icelandic waterfalls prove hugely appealing to Instagrammers
  • The longest hike is the Camino de Santiago at 767 kilometres, covering the entire upper coast of Spain – ranking 2nd with 2.2 million hashtags
  • The UK is home to the most hiking hotspots in the top 10 with 6!

Top 20 Hikes

The top 3 hikes:
Italy heralds the most beautiful hike, as shown by Instagram data from OnBuy Treadmill. The stunning Sentiero Azzurro walk is the first of two in the top 3, which covers part of the UNESCO Cinque Terre National Park, straddling cliffs and scrubland before descending to the ocean. This remarkable route has just over 2.5 MILLION hashtags, the most on this list by far! With dramatic inclines and fabulous views of the Mediterranean, it’s not hard to see why this hike is the most beautiful.

The second most Instagram-worthy hike to feature is known colloquially as the Camino De Santiago, ‘GR®65: Camino de Santiago de Compostela’ is a formidable 767 kilometers in length and serves as a historic pilgrimage route through Spain and beyond. With 2,210,441 hashtags on Instagram, this hike offers views of the beautiful Spanish countryside and the Bay of Biscay, which surely justifies its position as one of the most beautiful hikes in Europe to visit.

Third place deservedly goes to Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy – the second hike in Italy to make the top 3. With 483,400 hashtags, it’s clear that this route is stunning. A steep hike takes you to the impressive Drei Zinnen Mountains, three rock formations that tower over the plateau. Dwarfing its surroundings, the paths to the peaks are served by the Lavaredo turnoff, taking hikers around the perimeter of these incredible geographical features.

The best countries for hiking trails:

Overall in the top 20, the UK has a remarkable 6 times. Box Hill, Lodge Hill and Juniper Hill Circular are the top scorers in the UK, with 184,864 hashtags tagged.

Iceland is the second most common country for hiking trails, with 5 in the top 20.